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Pixelshow 2007 Invitation
he Lab Demos returned again to invite you to PixelShow 2007. And this time we brought DUCKS!
Check the invitation out if you haven't done so already. Full source code is included under the GPL, plus binaries for x86 GNU/Linux (32/64bit), and MS Windows. Requires pixel shaders 2 and relatively recent drivers.
19 May 2007

Summer Hack

In spite of the adverse conditions of the greek summer, namely heat, intense heat, and -let's not forget- also heat, The Lab Demos remains vigilant. A new, albeit rather small, demo is reality! Check out our productions page for download links

The aptly named Summer Hack, is production we did just to shake off the summer inactivity. But don't let that fool you, the quality of this production is very good since we didn't have any deadlines to meet, and it's just about one and a half minute in length.

Summer Hack is really cross-platform, based on our cutting-edge cross-platform 3D Engine which is available for anyone to use/modify under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Binaries for x86-32 GNU/Linux, and Windows are included in the demo package, along with the full source code of the demo and the 3dengine which should compile and run on any UNIX system. Gaghiel reported success with FreeBSD after some minor modifications in the Makefile (cheers mate). If you try to compile the demo on any UNIX system and need pointers or want to report success/failure, don't hesitate to contact us.

13 September 2005

Demo posponed

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to finish our demo for PixelShow 2005 so it will be released at the next available demoparty that we attend.

The demo is well underway and I can say that some of the effects that we are working on, look terribly cool.

Anyway, we attended PixelShow 2005, and we had a great time, kudos to the organizers for a successfull party even if it's their first such attempt. And fuckings to the guys that provided the projector which sucked big time. Also Amigo's cold beers and outdoors barbeque ruled more than I can describe. Cheers man.

We'll keep you posted for details on when is our demo going to be released. Be warned, it'll rule.

26 April 2005

New demo under development

Welcome to the new web site of The Lab Demos.

Currently we are working on our new production, scheduled to be released at the PixelShow demoparty which will take place at the usual partyplace in the university of patras. Check out their website for more details and be sure to not miss it, it will be a blast!

Our new demo will be truly cross-platform this time. It's being developed on GNU/Linux but everything up to now compiles and runs perfectly on Windows as well. Other UNIX systems should be ok too, but I have no means to check at this point.

It goes without saying that everything will be released as free software under the GNU General Public License. Our 3d engine is already available, feel free to use it, modify it, etc under the terms of GPL.

See you at patras!

28 February 2005

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